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After seeing the cutscenes in the custom nights of FIve nights at Freddy's: Sister location, I have mixed feelings. I kinda filled the plotholes which were created by SL, and also answered some of the questions in the lore, but they also made new ones.
It differs a lot know how I imagined it earlier, when I started to write my FNAF story. I still have plans to continue it, I just need to start to write again. After so many months, it is not easy to start the process of writing and continue the story. But I miss it a lot, and many of them mentioned that you are missing it too, so I need to go back to Barney and the children. How strange it will be, after the many things that came out in the FNAF universe...

(It is really strange for me that it also don't have any connection to the book, except the name Afton.)
I said EVERYONE STAY IN YOUR SEATS!! #triggered FNaF SL: Emoticon #2 Bon Bon FNAF Sister Location Icon - Ballora The Ballerina Ennard Jumpscare (FNAF SL-ICON 2) Funtime Freddy has seen some shiet! (Chat Icon) FNAF Sister Location - Funtime mangle 
I don't know how you feel about them, or the whole new universe of SL, please share them in comments :)


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So as it seems, Mike was the bad guy all along. Or not.

Actually, I created a semi-story in my head. This is not really a theory, more like how I think or like to think the story looks like. It is VERY fictional.

It is a family story. There is a father, William Afton, who lost his wife and this made him crazy. The only thing he left are his 3 children, who reminds him at his wife. Maybe his wife was a teacher and some kids caused her death, so Afton starts to hate other children. He creates robots to kidnap and kill children, but accidentally, his own little girl is killed by one of those robots.
Then he turns even more crazy toward children. He lost his company and have to work in the Fredbear Family Diner as a technician.
Meanwhile, his older son, Mike, terrorizes his little brother and he ends up killing him with Fredbear. He regrets what he does though.

-- and here should be the part with Ennard, but I just can't fit it in. Ennard and the whole scooping part never fit for me in the lore at all. I can imagine that Mike workis in the closed Circus Baby Pizzeria as a guard but being scooped and possessed by Ennard is just too much for me--

William continues to kill children, and stuff them into suits, which leads to the haunted animatronics. Mike later start working there too, and the children/animatronics mistakes him to his father and Springtrap is born.

This is my very sketchy story idea so far. Feel free to share your thoughts, just don't makes the theories too complicated, my brain already hurts :D

Maybe I'll write this story too, but it would be better if there will be a FNAF 6 - Springtrap's Reborn first :D



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I will be away in the next few days, and probably offline. I'll be back at Monday!
Have a nice vacation for you too!


1, What tools are you using?
I used made linearts with pencils and fine tip pens, then scanned them and colored in Gimp or Photoshop.
Now, I make sketches (dirty linearts) with pencils and then take some "HQ" photos and make nice linearts in Pain Tool Sai. I also use Sai for coloring.
I still use Photoshop for color corrections, gradients, color blending, layer effects etc.

2, Can you draw me something?
I take commissions - send me a not if you are interested (I use paypal). I do not take requests or trades - sorry, but I'm not a fast drawer and it took me a long time to finish even the ones I like.

3, Can I use or reupload your images?
You can use them as avatars, in music videos, presentations etc., but please give me credit.
As for reuploads: NO! Not here or furaffinity or anywhere else. If you have to upload it somewhere, give me credit.

4, Which other sites are you using?



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